Generally, the way you are going to promote yourself depends on you being either an individual lawyer or a company. If you are an individual, promoting yourself on TV or via banners or billboards on the streets might be simply unnecessary, so we will talk more about online promotion. Besides, it is much more costly than online marketing, which is even more important due to the dominance of smartphones and Internet, so Internet marketing may be much more necessary and efficient.

Marketing strategy is a must-have item as it is the primary way of letting people know about you and your services. Without marketing, your knowledge and your services will be of no use for you and people who need them. Developing a marketing strategy is your number one thing to do if you want to attract new clients.

The first way to promote yourself on the Internet is creating paid marketing campaigns, which can be done on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and ad networks like Google AdWords. Generally, they allow you to create custom ad units with your own design and slogans. Besides, you can decide how much to spend on marketing campaigns via setting your daily budget and the cost-per-click, upon which the total cost of the campaign will be calculated. This way, you can promote your pages on social media, your website, your apps, your YouTube channel, and basically anything you wish.

The next way of promotion is creating content to engage with your audience more directly. This can be generally done with help of your website, pages on social media, channels on video hosting services. This might need a little more effort on your side as you will have to be attentive to your audience. Responding to their comments on your posts, messages, and complaints as soon as possible will make your public image much better. People will be sure that you care about their problems. As it is with marketing in general, you need to think about the needs of your customers before thinking about profits.

Content marketing is a way of promoting your services you should definitely look into. It is an indirect way of promotion as you do not advertise your services directly. The articles or blogs you may write and the videos you might publish can and will assure your audience that you know what you are doing. Besides writing simple tips and what-to-dos, you can publish articles for more amateur lawyers. You can even develop an app if you are so deeply engaged in online marketing and management of your website, but keep in mind that online marketing, in general, has specific requirements, starting from the web design of your website and ending with Search Engine Optimization. The latter is particularly important as it is the primary way you are going to let the Internet know about your services.

Another way to attract customers on the Internet is writing emails to them. This strategy is generally applied for corporate customers, but you can write an offer to an individual who you know needs your services right now. Writing a commercial email can be considered an art, so research business email writing before doing it.

With marketing, you can get quite original. It might be actually much more about imagination than knowledge. So don’t forget about thinking of new ways of attracting your audience!