Of all types of marketing, email marketing might be one of the most personalized forms of promotion of your products and services. If you use it properly, you will discover that it is a quite useful way of promoting your lawyer services. But keep in mind that you should not concentrate on one type of marketing as a combination of them will be the most efficient way of letting people know about you.

Generally, email marketing is used to promote products and services among corporate clients, but individuals might need your services as well. Writing an email gives you an opportunity to personalize your approach towards your clients. A personal touch would be writing your name and position in the company instead of more general terms, but it’s not only about that. Though email marketing might seem pretty straightforward, you should prepare your email as seriously and thoroughly as you would write your speech during a business meeting.

Firstly, answer the following questions. Who are you writing too? What are you proposing? The first refers not only to the company you are offering your services to, but the first and last names, and the position of the official you writing to. That also attaches a personal touch to your message. Another important thing is being aware of that person’s needs so your email doesn’t turn out pointless.

Next crucial point is keeping your email as brief as possible. If the person you are writing to discovers a huge text within the email, what do you think, will he be able or want to go through all of it? If you are writing to an official, keep in mind that he probably will have little to no time for reading your huge text. That is one of the reasons for you to keep your commercial proposal brief. The other significant reason is to make the offer more clear and easy to understand.

You need to fill in an appropriate subject in the dedicated field for the purpose of the letter to become more clear to the receiver. That way, you lower the probability of him ignoring your letter altogether. Besides, it attaches a more professional appearance to your letter, which surely will be noticed by the official or his or her secretary receiving the email.

A significant issue on your way to getting an additional customer is the spam filter the company or the individual you are writing to is using. Entering the subject of the email might help you resolve this issue, but you can’t certainly tell what kind of spam filter the person you are writing to is using. If you do not receive an answer from that person, you have probably been either ignored or the spam filter kicked in. At this stage, you need to remember that commercial agreements are signed after the first couple of calls or emails extremely rarely. Just in case, change the subject of your email and resend it until you get an answer. You should think about giving up on that person only if you have tried every possible way of contacting him and if there is nothing more to do.

If you do get an answer, it means that the time has come to present your services more fully and in a more appealing way. Now, your goal is to meet the potential customer in person and sign an agreement, which is a whole another thing to plan and do.

Don’t forget about the most important part of writing a business letter, that is personalizing it. If your email comes at the right time and your potential client really needs your services, you will attract a new customer. Don’t forget about the composition as well. You need to be his or her assistant at this moment, not just another lawyer trying to sell services. That way you will sur